Which Is The Most Cost Effective Between Glasses, Contact Lenses, and LASIK Surgery?

Although all human senses play important roles in helping us lead productive, independent and fulfilling lives, the sense of sight is arguably the most important of all the senses that we have. There seemingly is no replacement for the ability to perceive our environment and make sense of it. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why there are myriads of people who throng opticians’ offices for eyesight corrective treatments.

Additionally, due to the demands for corrective treatment, several corrective treatment options have been developed. The most popular treatment options include the use of corrective glasses, the use of contact lenses, and the undergoing the LASIK procedure (learn more about lasik surgery).

Of interest to many people seeking corrective eyesight procedures, is cost effectiveness of the three options in the long run. Herein we try to answer this critical question and give you an idea of which option will save your hard-earned money.

Treatment Costs – The most expensive treatment option is the LASIK option. On average, it can cost about $2,100 for a single eye. On the other hand, the cost of eyesight corrective glasses and lenses prescription is tremendously lower, since one is only paying the consulting fee.

Long-Term Costs – In the long run, the most cost effective eyesight corrective is the LASIK procedure. With a single installation for the procedure, one does not need to undergo the procedure again. However, with lenses, they can add up to more than $14,000 in your lifetime (depending on the age you start using the lenses). As for the glasses, the cost of periodic optician visitations makes the use of glasses quite expensive in the long run.

The Cost and Risk Involved – Although, there are inherent risks involved in choosing any of the eyesight corrective solutions. However, some are riskier than others are. In this regard, you should note that the use of lenses bears a tremendous risk due to exposure to scratching and scarring, infections from bacteria and fungus, and blood vessel invasion. On the other hand, when LASIK is performed in the right manner (by qualified and experienced practitioners), there is a reduced risk of these complications. Finally, the uses of glasses are involved with the lowest risk of complications. Therefore, it is considered the safest eyesight corrective procedures with the least cost emanating from complications.

In conclusion, the LASIK procedure is the most cost effective eyesight corrective solution.